11 Our habit of transferring our splits onto everyone

11 Our habit of transferring our splits onto everyone
11 Our habit of transferring our splits onto everyone

Apr 07 2023 | 00:14:19

Episode 11 April 07, 2023 00:14:19

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Jill Loree

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We’re here because planet Earth is a perfect match for the negativity remaining in us; it offers conditions compatible with our inner landscape, our inner splits. We’re confused about reality and we have a headful of crazy concepts…Where this prevails there’s always conflict. This is due to split concepts that divide the psyche and don’t arise from the truth …So Earth is nothing more and nothing less than a classroom for people with splits.

Take a look around and we can see the opposites of duality everywhere. There is man and woman, day and night, life and death. This is one way Earth pairs up the halves of two-way splits…

We can see evidence of our splits right there in the symbolism of having two parents. If our psyche is largely free and healthy, we will have a set of parents we think of as an asset. But for some, our negative involvement is still pegging the meter. Then our parents will each bring out one side of our split…If we look at everything we’ve managed to surface so far, including our main image and defenses, our conflicts and faults, they will reveal the basic inner attitude that is governing our life. And this attitude is always split down the middle. Meaning we fluctuate back and forth between two essentially opposite ways of reacting…When this realization starts to gel, we’ll see that our parents represent our two fundamental attitudes….

There was no way for us to work this out before we got here. So our parents, who bring our unmended splits out into the open, couldn’t possibly be responsible for our problems…This basic conflict is so deep, it’s existence is the reason we have the human experience. But it’s not inaccessible…

We go through life, then, reacting to the person in front of us, not as them but as if they were our parents…Whenever we are negatively involved with someone, we can be sure our split is a factor in the fireworks…We firmly believe in something that isn’t true. And then we reinforce our belief, so our split cracks open even wider…

Lack of awareness is truly a prison that makes life not worth living because we feel caught between a rock and a hard place. We adopted a certain way of reacting to our parents, and now we keep responding that way and getting the same poor results…The way out is through awareness that we are living in a trance…Once we break this mold, new experiences can materialize.

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