13 The ubiquitous faults of self-will, pride and fear

13 The ubiquitous faults of self-will, pride and fear
13 The ubiquitous faults of self-will, pride and fear

Apr 05 2023 | 00:16:51

Episode 13 April 05, 2023 00:16:51

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Jill Loree

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There is one fundamental quality that is the core element of who we are…This means that each one of us have kept a kernel of perfection—our original nature—basically intact in our core essence, although it’s now covered by the Lower Self and layer upon layer of imperfections. So we have two missions. One is to sense what our basic light is, and the other is to realize how these three buzzkills of self will, pride and fear collude to cover it up…

They are the fundamental blockers of our essential light…We must see the role that each of them plays and not buy, for one minute, the notion that this trio applies to ‘everyone but moi’…

Self will wants what it wants, when it wants it. It will strive to have its way, regardless of who or what it has to mow over to get it. It doesn’t even care if it brings hardship and imprisonment upon the self in the process…Self will, then, is both blind and immature, and it works in opposition to spiritual law as much as in violation of human laws. And it really doesn’t care…

How then does our self will connect with fear? Well, if we’re sheltering a truckload of self will—often extra-powerful because it is lurking in our unconscious—we’re going to live in perpetual fear that we won’t get our way…The problem isn’t that this is true; the problem is our warped perspective that this is necessary…

We’re snagged on pride when our ego thinks we’re more important than other people, so we want advantages for ourselves…If we feel another’s humiliation counts for less than our own, we have too much pride. And who among us hasn’t thrown someone else under the bus to save our own hide?...We need to not take ourselves so seriously. Our pride doesn’t matter half as much as our overly self-important little ego would have us believe…Only when we’re ready to stand on equal footing with others will we be free of fear…

It’s not hard to see then how self will and fear go hand-in-hand. It’s equally simple to see how pride and self will are birds of a feather…We’re super-quick to blame the faults and imperfections of others, making them responsible for our own inner disharmony. But maybe one day, we’ll realize there isn’t anyone else to blame…

For as long as we’re ensnared in self will, pride and fear, we can never be happy. It’s not possible…In knowing this, we hold a treasure: we have the key to fixing all our problems.

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